Champions of Possibilities


How easy it becomes for me to forget the power I hold as an artist. In my hands I hold the ability to sway people towards something I am attracted too. I have the ability to inspire people to feel something a certain way, based off how I choose to tell the story and how I shape the motive.


The real question is, what am I choosing to inspire people towards?


As creators we have the opportunity to come alongside others and champion them on. We get the privilege of helping to express the very core (no small feat) of that individual or organization and champion them towards their dreams.


This is my challenge to all of us. What possibilities are we championing on in the lives of those around us? What are we doing with the power we hold to inspire people? What are we choosing to inspire people towards?

What an incredible joy we have to come alongside the possibilities, hopes, and dreams of others and choose to call into being the desires of those around us. May we all become champions of possibilities, I want to be the first to believe in someone, and the last to say, “you can’t”.

What kind of world would we live in if we stopped and asked ourselves, “Who can I champion on?” Something powerful shifts in our lives when we take our eyes off ourselves, when we start creating out of need to help someone achieve a dream, our creativity becomes genuine, heartfelt, meaningful, and infectious.   


This is my challenge to first myself, and then to you. Let’s be more than just artist who make things. Let’s be Champions of Possibilities.


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