This Helmet Has Gone Places

guest post by Bryant Callahan

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That Helmet.

That helmet was a real helmet: Mercury Space program prototype, metallic gold sun shade and a clanky voice box. It didn’t even make it into space; oh, but it watched, from somewhere, earthbound, as its successor rode snuggly on the head of John Glenn into history. Now that helmet sits, forgotten, in some storage container as just another small meaningless iteration in the quest to touch heaven. I love that helmet.

John Glenn with the final Mercury suit helmet, a design that was preceded by the prototype USN Mark IV.

John Glenn with the final Mercury suit helmet, a design that was preceded by the prototype USN Mark IV.


This Helmet.

This helmet is real, yet it isn’t. It’s a symbol, a relic from a bygone era, and a token of some future one. This helmet remembers the past and yet can still leap forward toward innovation. This helmet stands for something. Not the final thing of a something, but the middle of a something, the part nobody really cares about except for the few who have spent spaces between sunrise and sunset and sunrise creating that something. That thing, the middle thing, is salvage.

With a space helmet, you don’t just go through life.
You explore it.


The Process.

Salvage isn’t shiny or clean. It’s not the polished version of a thing but the thing that produces the polished version. It’s the roadmap, not the destination. Salvage is saying yes to adventure when you already know the cost. Salvage is comfortable being the process because it knows the goal will come around eventually. The dream of reaching space was part science, part whimsy, dogged perseverance, elbow grease, and a whole lot of salvage. Without salvage, John Glenn might as well have worn a cowboy hat into space, because even though that helmet got put on a shelf and labeled “Version 2,” it preserved the oxygen in those daring lungs while Glenn rocketed through the atmosphere.


Your Helmet.

Salvage Creative Industries is symbolized by “Version 2”, that prototype helmet, because the helmet itself symbolizes something: at some point in human history, one man decided he wasn’t happy simply looking into space. Salvage Creative Industries isn’t nearly as atmospheric as the Mercury Project, but we don’t care. We decided that business doesn’t have to be sterile or boring. In fact, we only choose to work with clients that let us draw out of a little bit of their own swagger and fuse it with their brand, and trust us: it works. They say life is short, but we aren’t worried about length, just quality, so take a few risks and try a space helmet on for size. We know what our helmet is, what our helmet stands for, and what our helmet became. We want to help you find your own helmet; the ambitious trademark that bears within itself all the beautiful wreckage of your very own, unique Salvage’d providence.

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