I am not a machine. I do not produce on demand the same results like some mindless machine fabricated to fit one purpose.


Too often, the once wonder-lusted shiny new feeling of a project turns into this cookie cutter format of reproducing like-minded content over and over again. Too many times while editing projects, I immediately fall into this zombie-like state in which I can quickly and effectively produce an edit based off what tools I have to create a somewhat moving product. This creative blindness doesn’t happen overnight, it happens slowly like pain medicine to our minds in order to dull the boring, uneventful, jobs we do for the sake of merely producing an end result.


None of us ever want to become mere replicators, punching out emotionally vague content mostly due to the lack of creativity or expectation of others. This lackluster dullness comes from the erosion of discovery and wonder. We lose ourselves in the daily grind of work becoming machines that steam ahead driven by high demands and immediate results. Limited, if not any, room for invention.


We were created to be creators - inventors full of wonder, a sense of awe and mystery, willing to get lost in possibilities of what could be and chase the trials of what ifs. Our minds are like prisms, many angles just waiting patiently for a stray beam of imagination to pierce us  through, fragmenting into a millions idea waiting to be caught like fireflies.


This is my challenge to myself, to you.


Stop replicating a system to produce results. Start asking yourself “what if?” Wonder some, wander a little, and wager on the improbable. Challenge yourself, push yourself, reinvent yourself, try a different approach, look at the same thing from a different angle. Go create, not replicat. You’re capable of so much more.

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