The Reel Deal.

A New Colorist Creative Venture.


All it takes is one right question. A few months back we found ourselves confronted with a problem, and a question. The question happened to be one we felt nobody was asking. That question has led us to many deeper questions, and in-turn, over time gave birth to Reel Deal, a new creative branch of Colorist.

Over the past couple of years of investing in the film industry, working with actors, both in auditions and on set, the question at hand was, “Why do actors only get work from headshots?” That question lead to, “Why don’t actors have demo reels?”

Without hesitation we asked acting friends this question, “What if we filmed you your very own demo reel designed around your specific talents and desires?” We have learned the valuable lesson that often the best actors for the roles don’t always match your first vision of that character. Where is there a place for the type-casted actor who is ready to break out of the same genre? What about the graduate who faces the huge empty void of waiting for a callback?

These kinds of questions birthed Reel Deal, which exists to put the power back into the actor’s hands. To show potential agencies and casting directors what they are capable of. We are creating space for the unexpected, for the hidden, for the stuck and eager actor to act on what they believe in.

Sean and I are passionate about seeing creatives find their voice, and this is one way we can help actors find theirs. So here it is, an invitation to be heard, to be supported, and to taking chances. To new beginnings and to renewed hopes. Now, let’s go make some stories.

If you’re an actor and want to start telling your story, check out the REEL DEAL tab to begin your journey with us!  



  • Garrett & Sean