Me, Myself & I


             No one can do what you must do. Period. Too many times I find myself waiting for choices I alone am capable of making, and I alone must do. Honestly it’s way easier to wait for the “perfect moment” to step out and pursue what we love, but that “perfect moment” is as tangible as a ghost in mirror house.


That “perfect moment” is no more than an excuse we employ in hopes that someone else will accomplish or give us what we need out of nothing. Like winning the lottery, or hoping your YouTube video becomes viral and Disney calls you to direct Star Wars. We want the stars to align, so our actions hold no risk or potential loss to our lives. Sure those lightning bolt moments happen to people, but you have a 25% chance of becoming President before winning the lottery. So start running for President.


This is what I am saying regardless of where you stand or what you believe. You have been created to contribute to this world in a way that no one else can. You alone, with your history, your gifts, your personality, your dreams, your circumstances, make up a beautiful masterpiece that takes our breath away like no one else can.


Not only do you move us in a way no one else can, you alone have the responsibility to take action on that reality, because no one else can accomplish what you were created to bring into this world. Yes, I’m talking about a life work. Have you ever actually stopped to ask yourself what your life work is or could be? Do you have the depth of vision for your life to even dream that far?

Community is inseparable from our makeup as humans, but they cannot live your life or make your choices. We need family & friends to champion us on and guide us, but remember at the end of the day, there’s no free handouts, you alone hold the power of action to be and create what no one else can