I once heard someone say that the best questions are the ones we secretly hope to be asked. Deep down inside, we all have a question we desperately want to be asked, but don’t have the courage to say it. We want a reason to spill our guts for the glory, to rend these fleshly constraints and enter the realm of the soul to soul. We want an excuse to be real.


Recently, this question resurfaced to my attention. I have been pondering a lot about what’s important to me when it comes to what I invest my time and energy into. Making a film isn’t easy, it takes time. Time is a luxury for me and when I have the opportunity to make a film, I want to make the most of it and create a story around what matters most to me personally.


When I think about the kind of films I want to make right now, I think about this question: Are the stories I’m telling, asking good questions?


I’m on a personal quest, not necessarily for answers, but for reasons that are deeper than face-value. What if I started looking at stories through that lens? Deep down inside everyone wants permission to feel deeply, they want to cry, they want to get angry, they want redemption, they want justice. They just need permission to feel deeply, to be moved, to be human.


What am I creating that gives people the permission to feel? Are the stories I’m choosing to tell, asking the questions others want to be asked? Are my stories touching on the human spirit that’s desperate to be heard?


I’m not telling you what to do, I’m telling you what I’m going to try and see if what I’m feeling is right. I want to know how deep we can take this space shuttle called story, into the darkest and farthest parts of the universe of the human spirit. I want to make films that resonate with the one question you're hoping to be asked.  

If we’re all burning to be asked, then are any of us asking the right questions?