I have always believed that highly skilled creatives were, well, uh… skilled. Seriously, I know they are super talented and masters and all that, but for me personally, skill is more than just ability and technique. Skill is actually about trusting what you don’t know.

What’s the difference between a young artist me and a maturing artist me? I won’t second guess my instinct or intuition, I just reacts to what I know to feel right, and when I say “feel,” I’m not talking strictly emotions. I’m talking about the kind of feeling you get when you pick out your house, you walk into a place you’ve never once touched and yet you rent it because it “feels” like home. I once heard that intuitive people are not just emotional feelers, but they are actually receiving information at such a high level that their brain can’t find words to describe it so it comes off as, “I feel”. Bet that whole feeling thing sounds pretty good right about now.

I have learned to hone in on what that creative instinct or feeling is telling me. Whereas a younger creative, I would have spent time wrestling over what to do, especially in hard situations, the maturing me is quicker to respond to what I don’t know, but what I feel.


When I’m editing a project, yes I’m using a palorthia of techniques and tools to tell the story, but the driving course of when and where I make an edit, and what clip I use, is all instinctual and intuitive. I cut where I feel it, not where I think it should be - and yet when people like what I’ve made they would say I was “skilled” at what I do, not that I’m great at “feeling.” I am skilled...just at trusting what I don’t know.


To sum up all this metaphorically mumbo jumbo:


Trust yourself more than what you know. What you know is important, but what you don’t know could be the difference between mediocre art and breathtaking art.