What does a girl born with no eyebrows, human books, and disillusioned teachers all have in common?  The Human Experience Film Festival.

Each year, Colorist Creative partners with City Beautiful Church and The Human Experience, a non-profit, private middle school, to create 5 films that are written and starred in by the students. This has always been one of the craziest highlights of my year. Their imagination is equal to none, and there are very few times in my filmmaking career I have so much crazy, ridiculous fun as filming with these students. The stories they create challenge me to think well beyond the norm of what’s possible or expected. This year we had a girl who was born with no do you approach that?! An evil teacher who turns students into books?! Stories like these are treasures, for they offer me the opportunity to push my creativity past the lines of reality and deep into the wonderful awe-inspiring world of imagination, where anything can happen.

But don’t let me take up free space with words when we have the real thing! So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy 5 films that came from the wonderful imagination of these students.