Speak, We’re Listening


Like the first striking note of a violin, our cry breaks forth from our mother's womb. Our entrance into the world is one of shrill awakening. A cry that has held its breath for 9 months waiting, oh so patiently, for that breaking of silence. A cry that demands attention, a voice that cannot be tuned out, a voice that longs for acceptance. A voice that says, “I have come, now let me speak!”

Somewhere along the way, we are told we speak too loud, we talk too fast, we mumble too much, we speak nonsense, we whisper too often, and think out-loud. Either we are accused of never speaking or blamed for never shutting up. Words spoken in jealousy or fear, tune our voice like the string of an instrument to the point that it wails out of dissonance. A cry that is far fetched from that first call, a call that has lost touch with its heart, and no longer values the sound it sings.

Do not hold back, for sing loud oh spirit. You were destined to be heard. For to each was given a gift, the gift of voice. A voice so special that none can reproduce the sound you alone create. A sound that brings power, the kind of power the one feels in the chest when the bass hits to low. The sound that is heard in the still flutter of humming bird passing by your ear.


Do not distance the sound of your voice, do not reject or grow contempt, neither fear nor dread nor hate or hurt can silence the voice you speak.

Let loose the power of your voice, set us free to find our own. For your voice, unlocks the desire for us to find our own. And when we in turn find our own, we find our collective voice. The voice of a mighty orchestra that can silence multitudes.

To you I say: Speak, we’re listening.   

It’s not what’s been said of you, it’s what will you say next.