Protect The Fire


“Keep it secret, keep it safe.”  - Gandalf


We move like humans born with supernatural gifts, heroes shrouded in mystery and shadows.

Chased by being fully known for what we are capable of, we keep our gift secret, lest the world take advantage of it. We somehow know that if discovered, we will either be destroyed by others, or by ourselves.

The ability to create is undeniably one of the most powerful forces we face in our lives. Love is supreme, and creativity stands by her side. Viktor Frankl who survived 4 torturous years in a Nazi prison camp said that there are two forces that give man purpose to live in the face of death...the ability to love, and the ability to create.

Wielding such a powerful gift comes with its curses. People want what you have.

I wish I could say that I have seen only the side of humans who rejoice in what you have to offer them, but the truth is, I have seen the side of humans who will do anything to take what you have.

The creative gift, the ability to inspire, to express the deep movements of the heart, to woo an audience, you carry a flame that burns bright. A flame others will try to take. I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve been taken advantage of too many times to count. We artist are targets, passionate, eager to prove ourselves, willing to defy odds and try the impossible. There are those who see that flame inside of us, and instead of developing the flame themselves, will try to rob you of it. Like barnacles and leeches they will try to cling onto the back of you, they will weave strings of a master depiction, strings that make you a puppet to their wants. They come with smooth words of money and popularity. They promise on promises and lavish on compliments, while never lifting a finger.

This is my warning to you: Protect the fire. Don’t settle. You are not what you do, you are you. Never let someone hold power over you for what you do. You are worth so much more than what someone wants from you. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, trust first, love first, but don’t give yourself fully until they have proven trustworthy. In all our work, Sean and I have been promised many things by many people, but the reality is we don’t believe any of them until they sign a contract and put skin in the game. We don’t live off promises, we live off action.


So as a friend, as someone who cares about you, not just what you create, I warn you to keep the flame close that fuels the fire in which you create. Protect it well, from those who want to use you, from the things that will defuse or extinguish that precious flame. Keep it secret, keep it safe. Protect the fire, don’t settle.